Install Featuretools Enterprise

Installation Requirements

  • Python 3.5+

  • Internet connection

Installation Command

When you sign up for Featuretools Enterprise, you will receive a unique installation key. To install Featuretools Enterprise, replace <KEY> in the command below with the one provided.

$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ pip install featuretools-enterprise --index-url<KEY>

For assistance locating your license key, please contact

After you install, you can confirm your installation by running the following command

$ featuretools info

If you've installed Featuretools Enterprise correctly, you will see the version that was installed in the output

Featuretools Enterprise 1.3.2 is installed
Logging: /Users/kanter/.featuretools_enterprise/logs/logs.txt
python-bits: 64
OS: Darwin
OS-release: 18.0.0
machine: x86_64
processor: i386
byteorder: little
LC_ALL: None
featuretools: 0.7.1
scipy: 1.2.1
numpy: 1.16.2
pandas: 0.24.2
tqdm: 4.31.1
toolz: 0.9.0
PyYAML: 5.1
cloudpickle: 0.8.1
future: 0.17.1
dask: 1.2.0
distributed: 1.27.0
psutil: 5.6.1
Click: 7.0
scikit-learn: 0.20.3
pip: 19.0.3
setuptools: 41.0.0

Learn Featuretools

After installation, you can start your customized onboarding by running the following command

featuretools demo

This automatically launches a Jupyter Notebook server with several notebooks for you to use to learn Featuretools